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Transition to Zero Emissions Mobility

Developing Your Zero Emissions Road Map

Mobility is being redefined. Alternative fuel vehicles — electric, hybrid, fuel cell, compressed natural gas and more — are being integrated into private and public fleets as communities, businesses and municipalities plan and implement the zero emissions infrastructure. Wherever you are on your journey, we will partner with you to develop and execute a zero emissions mobility road map for sustainable, long-term success.

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Rob Mowat
Zero Emissions Mobility Practice Lead
Rob Mowat

Taking You from Idea to Implementation

As industry-recognized experts in transportation, energy and facility design, we will collaborate with you on ZEM research, planning and design. Our full scope of services includes:

• Feasibility studies & viability plans

• Pilot & commissioning

• Corridor & community readiness study

• Power delivery plan

• Program management

• Operations & maintenance policy and procedures

• Future-proofing

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First Things First

Upfront system planning avoids scaling issues later. With your zero emissions goal as the focus, we’ll research, plan and design a clear road map to avoid pitfalls down the road. Poorly planned pilots and piecemeal charging/fueling infrastructure design make for unnecessary rework and additional investments when you try to scale up. This stalls progress, frustrates stakeholders and drains budgets. By first laying a solid foundation, we help you avoid these issues, saving you time and money, and minimizing social and political risk.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

The success of your ZEM initiative rides on making the best decisions possible. We’ll share lessons learned and analyze your data to help inform your decision making. For example, our fuel-neutral GIS-based Zero+ Fleet Optimization tool is cross-layered with operational fleet data to provide superior operating, charging/refueling and energy cost scenarios. Using that information, you can make better operations decisions to move your ZE vision forward with confidence.

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Insights Into Transportation Electrification

Designing an Electric Fleet Charging Infrastructure

Is an electric fleet the right zero emissions solution for you? Our Sean Everett, P.E., shares insights into designing infrastructure and operating protocols that provide for cost effective charging and electric fleet operation in this helpful Q&A.

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Preparing for an Electrified Mobility Future

Transportation is a major contributor to West Coast air pollution and greenhouse gases, and 11 area electric service providers are working together to drastically reduce emissions through transportation electrification. We led a study to provide them with electric charging infrastructure recommendations for medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks along the I-5 corridor.

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Zero Emissions Mobility Practice Lead
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