Pueblo County Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

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Pueblo County Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

Tailored Strategy Helps Community Work Toward Its Zero Emissions Goals

Pueblo County, Colorado is looking to become a leader in the emerging electric vehicle space. To maximize the county’s potential it needed a plan that would provide clear direction on the promotion of electric vehicles, particularly locations for infrastructure. Increased use of electric vehicles will help the county achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving sustainability.

HDR helped the county develop a broad coalition of stakeholders for a comprehensive working group that included utilities, auto dealers, higher education and government, among others. That group identified potential problems — and then shared solutions. One example was workforce development. The group recommended workforce trainings that would help the county’s workers transition to new, electric vehicle-focused jobs. This, in addition to a community survey, helped develop the backbone of the new plan. Our team combined this information with a review of the state of electric vehicles in Colorado, alongside national best practices, to help tailor the best plan possible for the county. 

Siting Recommendations

Siting a charger is not as simple as acquiring the right of way. The typical charger can take hours to fully charge a car. That means they work best at a place like a retail parking lot — somewhere that drivers would leave their car for long periods of time anyway. In places where people don’t typically linger, a fast charger is a better option.

The resulting plan, delivered to the county in early 2021, shows what the County of Pueblo needs to do to hit its long-term electric vehicle targets, with specific recommendations tied to identified county goals. The strategic siting recommendations, for example, provide a comprehensive look at the county’s needs and opportunities for electric vehicles. As a whole, the plan provides an overview of potential barriers along with a holistic look at the future of electric vehicles in Pueblo.

Now the county is on a great path to hit its ambitious goals, with a plan that will increasingly make electric vehicles a sustainable, achievable option for its citizens.

electric car charging station
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