Science and Innovation Centre

Science and Innovation Centre Reckitt

Science and Innovation Centre

The state-of-the-art Science and Innovation Centre in Hull, U.K. is home to Reckitt’s new offices, open plan collaboration spaces and research and development facilities. It has been designed to enable the company’s team to further explore and understand consumer health. The site in East Yorkshire has been home to the company since 1840 and this project utilized existing buildings as part of the redesign. The historic Kingston Works North building and The Humber suite, which incorporates the original boardroom, were incorporated into the project to celebrate the history of the organization.

Creating an Award-Winning Workplace

The building was designed to be sustainable and energy efficient as part of Reckitt’s  commitment to continually reducing emissions while growing its business. As part of our appointment as the mechanical and electrical engineering team for the project, we worked closely with architects Ryder and Scott Brownrigg to establish a flexible, energy efficient solution.

Another key aspect of our work on the Good Manufacturing Practice laboratory ISO classified Clean Rooms design was the utilization of off-site pre-fabrication of the large roof plant room that houses the heating and steam boiler, water tanks, pumps, reverse osmosis water treatment plant, generator set and uninterruptible power supply. This meant that the construction of the plant room could progress alongside the main construction program and then delivered to the site to be integrated once ready.

This collaboration and dedication from the teams involved resulted in the Science and Innovation Centre being recognized as the best refurbished/recycled workplace at the British Council for Offices’ Northern Awards with the project also being a finalist at the national BCO awards.

Sustainability at the Core of the Project

Our Energy and Sustainability team incorporated key design features into the project. This included photovoltaic cell electrical energy supplies, rainwater harvesting, variable refrigerant flow, reverse cycle heat pump systems for heating and cooling within the KWN building and The Humber Suite. Alongside the newly created linking atria known as the Innovation Pathway and its associated passive design.

Carbon monoxide sensing and air system modulation was also installed within all areas of occupancy fluctuation. LED lighting features throughout the site with intelligent and addressable lighting controls.

The design features have been benchmarked against the globally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standard, with the target rating for the Science and Innovation Centre being LEED Gold. The new facility not only sets a new green benchmark for our client, but it has also created a vastly improved working environment, ensuring that Reckitt retains its position as a world-leading hygiene, health and nutrition company.

Science and Innovation Centre Reckitt

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