Kiewit Corporation Global Headquarters

Kiewit Corporation Global Headquarters

Kiewit Corporation Global Headquarters

Modern Headquarters Foster Values, Brand and Collaboration

Headquartered in Omaha since 1884, Kiewit Corporation is one of the largest contractors in the world. When the company decided to build a new headquarters, they decided on a north downtown location adjacent to their recently completed training center, Kiewit University, in part to encourage development in the neighborhood and to reaffirm the company’s commitment to Omaha and Nebraska.

The design of the new headquarters expresses the company’s values, history and brand in three dimensions: like the company, it is honest and strong, flexible yet lasting, and tells a story.

The seven-story 180,000-square-foot building and connected parking structure houses 650 employees in a progressive workplace environment that fosters greater collaboration and interaction to support its global operations. In harmony with the surrounding city buildings, the ground floor is clad in brick and houses retail outlets, enlivening the street. The glass-clad office tower above features an enclosed walkway connecting to the training center. South and east facing curtain walls are dark bronzed or black anodized aluminum frames with lo-iron and clear vision glass. Particular attention was paid to the use and control of natural light inside the building by means of low-e reflective coatings, shading devices, fritting, and operable interior roller shades. The building configuration incorporates covered pedestrian plazas and elevated exterior patios for gathering.

Kiewit Corporation Global Headquarters
Kiewit Corporation Global

Omaha, NE
United States

180,000 sf (16,720 m²)