Speaking of Design

Speaking of Design

There’s a story behind every structure in our world. Speaking of Design brings to life the engineering, architecture and science that create the world around us. The show centers on innovative infrastructure that makes cities more efficient, breathtaking architecture that changes the way we feel about our communities, and restoration of our natural resources to preserve them for future generations. Some of the most distinguished professionals in the industry join Danny Sullivan and John Tourek of HDR to bring you stories and sounds from the world of engineering, architecture and beyond.

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Episode 2 Preview

Coming soon, an episode about one of Atlanta’s most popular wedding destinations, which started as a storm sewer project.

Episode 1

Meet a Landfill That's Greener than Grass

When you think of landfills, you may not think of design. But like almost every type of engineering or architectural design, landfills have changed dramatically over the last 30 years. In the pilot episode of Speaking of Design, you’ll meet one engineer who’s taken landfill design to a new level, creating a source of renewable solar energy at Atlanta’s Hickory Ridge Landfill.

Meet Mark Roberts 

Mark Roberts, HDR

Mark Roberts (pictured right) has had a passion for garbage trucks ever since he was a little kid playing with his Matchbox cars. As a senior project manager in HDR’s Jacksonville office, Mark brings that same enthusiasm to solid waste engineering. In his spare time, Mark is an active mentor with the University of Florida chapter of Engineers Without Borders.