Speaking of Design Ep. 20: Protecting Public Health Through Our Pipes

Chance Lauderdale discusses the Lead and Copper Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's first major revisions to the original 1991 Lead and Copper Rule present broad implications for homeowners, schools and local water utilities. Intended to improve children’s health by further reducing lead exposure from corroding pipes, the revised regulation places greater responsibilities on municipalities to act — but also applies to pipes within homes and schools. On this episode of Speaking of Design, HDR Drinking Water Director Chance Lauderdale discusses the challenges presented by the LCR revisions and how a more holistic approach can help utilities prepare for the future. 


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Chance Lauderdale
Chance Lauderdale

Inspired by his grandmother’s efforts to bring a drinking water system to a small town outside of Gainesville, Florida, Chance Lauderdale pursued a career in environmental engineering. Today, he’s an industry-recognized expert in the field of biofiltration who leads HDR’s global drinking water program.
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Credits: Produced by Danny Sullivan and John Tourek. Thanks to Amanda Weihs and Sara Nash.