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Hazardous Waste & Remediation

Restoration of contaminated sites and safeguarding human health and the environment is important to everyone but is also subject to greater scrutiny than ever before. And it’s for good reason. The list of known environmental hazards that represent a real threat to our communities continues to grow.

That’s why staying on the forefront of new research and remedial technologies is imperative to understanding the fate, transport and potential impact of released hazardous materials in the environment.

Our clients range from private to municipal, state and federal entities. They rely on us to determine the best approach for handling and treating contaminants, because we know it takes meticulous planning and an unwavering dedication to leaving the smallest environmental footprint while getting the job done right.

From site discovery to investigation and feasibility studies, assessment of ecological and human health risks all the way to remedial design, remediation and sustainable land reuse, our team is here to help. We also measure return on investment by striving to balance social, environmental and financial issues.

Our teams’ successful and award-winning remedial work has given us an industry-leading reputation. But more importantly, it’s enabled us to forge strong bonds with our clients while improving the health of our communities.

8 EPA Phoenix Awards & Counting

We’re proud of our eight EPA Phoenix Awards for our work on Outstanding Revitalization Projects.

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Doug DeCesare
Director, Global Solid Waste Services
Doug DeCesare | Global Solid Waste Services Director