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10 Research Trends Shaping Lab Design

Easter Bush Lab

Advancements and shifts in research focus, methods, and technologies are rapidly transforming the spaces where research is conducted. New methodologies, increased automation, fewer and less hazardous chemicals, and the ability to analyze more data all require planners and designers to rethink the research environment.

Senior Laboratory Planner Anisha Kothari outlines ten research trends shaping lab design along with corresponding design responses for each in an article by Lab Manager.

  1. An increase in digital collaborations
  2. Lab digitisation: automation, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and machine learning
  3. Tissue culture is on the rise
  4. Molecular testing is gaining momentum
  5. Reduced chemical use
  6. Hotdesking and the blurred lines of the workspace
  7. Plan for storage (of all kinds)  
  8. Equipment is getting smaller, faster, safer smarter and more powerful
  9. Flexibility and adaptability

Read the full article "From Collaboration to Miniaturization" in Lab Manager.

Anisha Kothari
Principal Planner