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Healing Space Doesn't Feel Like a Hospital

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse interior of the main foyer with art by the Arterie programme

As Chris O’Brien Lifehouse celebrates five years in operation, we revisit the comprehensive cancer centre and explore its impact on patients and users.

The cancer centre is one of a new generation of healthcare facilities eschewing the typical utilitarian design for something much more human-focused. It might be too early to know the exact extent of the role that design has played on the well-being of patients and staff but, nevertheless, many say the benefits are already apparent.

“The design of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is about more than providing an innovative clinical and research environment,” said HDR’s Ronald Hicks. “It is about creating a facility that focuses on the needs of all users — a patient-centred environment that is about dignity, respect and care for patients and carers.”

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