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Upskilling Graduates & Embracing Innovation at HDR

An article titled "Upskilling graduates and embracing innovation at HDR" recognises HDR's ongoing contribution to the next generation of architects and commitment to nurturing future innovators of the built world. As practice partners of Australian Design Review's 30UNDER30 program, HDR is facilitating opportunities for young professionals to connect, collaborate and network with peers and mentors. 

In the article, Regional Managing Principal Cate Cowlishaw discusses the importance of collaboration with clients, stakeholders and end users, and goes on to outline why the co-design process is widening HDR's collaborator network and informing their ability to design and deliver at the intersection of design thinking and technical practice.

Cate highlights the importance of envisioning a regenerative future that reconnects humans and nature through the continuous renewal of evolving socio-ecological systems, and emphasises why young professionals, who are fundamentally in touch with emerging market forces, are a critical part of implementing these solutions.

The interview also touches on the technological transformation taking place and why embracing computational design tools and generative design is enabling designers to validate metrics faster, rapidly prototype design solutions for clients, and consider how digital design and computer augmentation can aid both creativity and sustainability within the built environment.

By embracing innovation and upskilling emerging leaders in the industry, HDR can elevate the communities, industries and professions it serves with human-inspired technical and creative excellence for many years to come.

Cate Cowlishaw
Regional Managing Principal