Kent Bonner


Design Principal

“I think it’s critical to envision solutions beyond the pragmatic and technical challenges of a project to stimulate a more holistic level of thought and dialogue.”

Kent is a Design Principal with 19 years of professional experience. He is an award-winning designer and strategy leader who has dedicated a significant portion of his career to exploring the intrinsic connections between culture, symbolism and the public experience associated with civic architecture. He is particularly drawn to the design of sustainable environments and high-performance facilities that speak to the future of municipal, state and federal institutions. Kent’s innovative work in the research, science and technology field has influenced his design approach to public architecture.

As the design director for the D.C. architecture office, Kent is responsible for the quality of design produced within it. His recent designs for the Alexandria Police Headquarters and the Alexandria Police Fallen Officers Memorial exemplify his engagement with the local community, the manner in which he draws design inspiration and the versatility to create symbolic gestures from two very different vantage points.