Paul Alsina

Paul Alsina, P.E.

Transportation Program Management Lead

“My passion for program management comes from addressing the everyday challenges that arise when delivering a large program or a program of projects — including working side by side with the client, other consultants and contractors. Each day presents a new, unexpected opportunity that we must work through as a team to keep the project moving forward.”

Paul’s nearly 30 years of engineering experience has been leveraged to deliver more than $3 billion in large and small program management projects throughout the United States. Paul specialises in the management of large design-build oversight assignments, working on behalf of the client to verify the contractor’s work meets contract requirements. In his role as the transportation program management lead for the Central U.S., Paul focuses on many aspects of program management, including educating clients on the benefits of this approach, identifying future opportunities, supporting the area’s marketing efforts, and identifying and supporting staff in the execution of assignments.

He serves as an industry expert in alternative delivery approaches, leading owners in the development of their processes and procedures, as well as their procurement documents. He also supports areas around the country with the incorporation of program management techniques into smaller programs. Paul serves as a mentor to others passing on his lessons learned and best practices, and has supported multiple clients in the delivery of their first design-build program.