171 Aviation Squadron

Holsworthy Barracks exterior

171 Aviation Squadron

171 Aviation Squadron is part of 6 Aviation Regiment and provides helicopter troop lift capability for the Special Forces at Holsworthy Barracks.

The architectural concept for the 171 Aviation Squadron facility was to visually unite the buildings via their linear geometry, parallel arrangement in the landscape and repetitive roof forms. The design approach was to emphasise and simplify the large scale of the building elements which were dictated by the functional requirements.

HDR developed and improved on the facility concept design produced by others. Durable, low cost, low maintenance and attractive articulation was provided to the vast walls of precast concrete panels. “Bay windows” were added to the south wall of the administration building facing the aircraft apron to improve visibility of the apron and the forecourt of the administration building was redesigned as a multi-functional and attractive external space. The “tow road” between the two main buildings was made more interesting by introducing feature downpipes to the administration building.

The aircraft facilities have solid precast concrete walls which meet fire separation and acoustic requirements and are capped by “floating” roofs and articulated by numerous metal doors, louvers, windows and sunscreens.

The headquarters office building spandrel panels have employed vitrified porcelain tiles incorporated into the glazing system for high durability. The building layout is designed around a central internal street with clerestorey windows and light wells and the façade and roof construction incorporate high level acoustic insulation.

The administration building is designed to 4.5 star Green Star rating. ESD ratings were achieved with a mechanical ventilation system. Natural ventilation was excluded to achieve the aircraft noise attenuation requirements.

Holsworthy Barracks exterior
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Holsworthy Barracks, NSW