Bonneville Power Transmission Line & Substation

230 kV Transmission Line

Bonneville Power Transmission Line & Substation

Demand for power in the Pacific Northwest is growing at a rapid pace.

And we're working with Bonneville Power to develop the power backbone to support it.

BPA operates over 15,000 miles of high voltage lines accounting for 75 percent of the Northwest's grid. With more than 100 individual task orders and counting, we've worked hand-in-hand with BPA since 2008 to create a power delivery infrastructure ready to handle a growing supply of renewable energy. Together, we’ve streamlined project delivery of new 500kV transmission lines and substations, and developed a wind integration and pumped storage strategy across the region.

Providing the power for a 300,000-square-mile area, BPA's infrastructure crosses a variety of terrains. To address each project’s unique challenges, our team is led by power delivery engineers and includes pumped storage, wind energy, fisheries, transportation and wetlands experts.

That adaptability is making the difference as we tackle the Big Eddy-Knight transmission line project, which will span 4,700 feet across the Columbia River, using a 408-foot-tall structure with special lighting to protect endangered birds.

230 kV Transmission Line
Bonneville Power Administration

Multiple Locations, WA
United States

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