C-44 Reservoir and Canal

C-44 Reservoir and Canal

C-44 Reservoir and Canal

The C-44 reservoir project is a part of the 12,000-acre Everglades restoration.

Project features include: a 50,600 acre-feet above-ground reservoir with a 3,400-acre footprint and 10 miles of embankment; 6,300 acres of stormwater treatment areas (STAs); an 1,100 cfs electrically driven pump station (6,800 hp total); 30 miles of canal expansion and new canal construction; an 1,800 cfs gravity reservoir control structure; and more than 60 spillway and weir water control structures. The reservoir embankment will be a zoned earthfill dam over 10 miles in length with an average structural height of about 35 feet.

HDR performed dam safety design and analyses including a risk assessment based on PFMA. Using these results, the requirements for the embankment and foundation drainage system, including a foundation toe drain, interior slope armor system, perimeter canal, and foundation preparation and treatment requirements, were established.

We also provided design of a reservoir pumping station with a capacity of 1,100 cfs that, with a separate 72-inch discharge piping design to pump water into the reservoir, will help attenuate flows back to the canal. We performed all aspects of the reservoir embankment design including seepage, stability and settlement.

The geotechnical investigation included several hundred exploratory borings, test pits and wells, as well as geophysical testing and a full suite of laboratory testing, which was all documented in a Site Characterization Report.

The early design efforts included the development of the Basis of Design Report, followed by the detailed design of project features, resulting in drawings, specifications and other construction support documents

C-44 Reservoir and Canal
South Florida Water Management District and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Martin County, FL
United States

50,600 acre-feet above-ground reservoir