Gateway West Transmission Line, Aeolus to Jim Bridger

Gateway West transmission line with HDR staff working on it

Gateway West Transmission Line, Aeolus to Jim Bridger

Developing One of the Largest Transmission Lines in the U.S. 

Growing power demand and integration of renewable generation have pushed the ageing transmission system shared by Idaho Power and PacifiCorp to full capacity during peak demand. The Gateway West Transmission Line project aims to build and operate approximately 1,609 kilometres of new high voltage transmission lines to increase capacity and reliability.

The project is one of the largest transmission projects being planned and constructed in the U.S., and will include 241 kilometres of 230kV line in Wyoming, and 1,368 kilometres of 500kV line in Wyoming and Idaho.

With HDR as a subcontractor to QEPC, PacifiCorp selected QEPC to perform procurement and construction of the Aeolus to Jim Bridger segment of the transmission line. The segment includes 222 kilometres of 500kV lattice tower and 8 kilometres of 345kV steel monopole transmission line. 

With an extremely aggressive construction schedule, we’re delivering the project with a focus on quality and efficiency. Our role includes:

  • Environmental Permitting. Securing necessary environmental permits and rights of way to meet construction milestones and deadlines.
  • Construction Sequencing. Working closely with QEPC, PacifiCorp and others to mitigate environmental constraints and increase construction efficiency via construction sequencing and the development of environmental variance requests.
  • Rights of Way. Liaising with landowners, the Bureau of Land Management, and local and state regulators to help the project proceed smoothly despite extensive spatial constraints from sage grouse habitat, raptor nests, ungulate winter ranges and other protected wildlife habitat.
  • Access Road Engineering. Finalising design of the access road network via constructability and environmental reviews.
  • Transmission Engineering Procurement Support. Design and procurement oversight of the 345kV steel monopole transmission structures.
  • Preconstruction Surveys & Monitoring. Preconstruction environmental surveys for cultural, paleontological and biological resources, and construction monitoring to support the requirements of the Plan of Development.
  • Monitoring by U.S. Native Americans. Coordinating and facilitating monitoring of construction activities by members of U.S. Native American tribes located in the region. 

As construction progresses, we’re supporting the line build-out with environmental monitoring and right of way services. With safety and quality guiding our work, we look forward to supporting PacifiCorp, our teaming partners, local and state agencies, land owners, and numerous other stakeholders as additional segments of the Gateway West Transmission Line are developed.

Gateway West transmission line with HDR staff working on it

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