MH-60R Squadron & Training Facilities

Exterior of MH 60 R Building

MH-60R Squadron & Training Facilities

The design and construction of new operational, support and training facilities for the Royal Australian Navy MH-60R program addressed the acquisition of 24 new maritime combat helicopters which replaced the fleet of aging Sea Hawk helicopters. The new facilities improved operational efficiency in aircraft maintenance, operation and personnel training and provided a safe, modern, efficient and ecologically sustainable work environment. 

The project included Squadron HQ and Administration building at HMAS Albatross to house a workforce of approximately 450 persons, as well as maintenance hangars to accommodate 18 MH-60R aircraft in both spread and folded rotor configurations. This facility included training classroom space as well as motion and fixed based training devices and flight simulators. There were also alterations to the Torpedo Maintenance Facility to provided capability for the new Mk 54 torpedos.

Alterations and additions to the existing Helicopter Support Facility at HMAS Stirling provided additionalworking accommodation and maintenance space for the 816 Squadron at Fleet Base West while Earth Covered Buildings provided additional storage for explosive ordnance at HMAS Stirling, WA and Twofold Bay, Eden, NSW.

This project was delivered in collaboration with Woods Bagot.

Exterior of MH 60 R Building
Department of Defence

HMAS Albatross, New South Wales, HMAS Stirling, Western Australia and Twofold Bay, NSW