RAAF Base Darwin

RAAF Base Darwin

RAAF Base Darwin

The United States Air Force requires new infrastructure and facility requirements to support bilateral military exercises at the Royal Australian Air Force Base Darwin as part of the United States Force Posture Initiatives. 

HDR has been contracted to design the aircraft parking and refueling apron for KC10 aircraft at RAAF Darwin and undertake the design of a maintenance facility for defense aircraft.  

The design of the facilities is required to meet U.S. and Australian requirements and standards. This has been further complicated as funding is provided through the U.S. Military Construction program which requires compliance with Australian and U.S. approvals and acquisition processes. 

As the first USFPI project, it has been designated as a ‘pathfinder’ project with a focus on capturing lessons learnt to inform future programs.

HDR has played a central role given our understanding of both Australian and U.S. requirements, as well as relationships with key stakeholders. 

Our approach reflects our “live the network” philosophy; with some of HDR’s top defense personnel from Brisbane and Hawaii working together to successfully deliver the project.

RAAF Base Darwin
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