RADIUS Residential Youth Treatment Facility

Residential Youth Treatment Facility Exterior

RADIUS Residential Youth Treatment Facility

A Healing Environment

RADIUS, a non-profit organization which supports at-risk youth in the juvenile justice system, provides a transformative environment in its new Residential Youth Treatment Facility. The 43,000-square-foot facility is a chrysalis, representing a transition in the lives of Omaha’s vulnerable youth. While the building itself is the physical manifestation of this transition, the meaningful interaction that occurs within activates the transformation.

Residential Youth Treatment Facility Loung Area

Empowerment Through Design

The facility features an open design which allows each resident to engage in activities and interactions at their own pace. The site itself is transformative with rejuvenating landscapes and empowering experiences. As youths connect with nature, anxiety and stress fade away. It is transparent yet private, open yet secure, non-restrictive yet safe, and experiential yet efficient.

  • The facility’s design includes classrooms for education, a gymnasium and an exterior recreation area. 
  • Small exterior patio areas are designed with direct access from each housing unit to provide youth access to fresh air and sunlight. 
  • Staff positions improve line of sight, allowing enhanced freedom of movement by youth outside the housing units.
  • The outpatient clinic provides professional mental/behavioural health assessment and treatment for youth and families.

Promoting Positive Transformation

The facility creates the ideal environment for youth through its welcoming layout, access to nature, and emphasis on resident autonomy. 

Residential Youth Treatment Facility Exterior

Omaha, NE
United States

43,000 sf