UNMC Wittson Hall and Wigton Heritage Center

University of Nebraska Wittson Hall Library Table

UNMC Wittson Hall and Wigton Heritage Center

The complete occupied renovation of the eight-level McGoogan Health Sciences Library at Wittson Hall and the construction of the 10,000-square-foot Wigton Heritage Center creates a destination for independent study and group collaboration for UNMC students to enjoy outside of their dorms and classrooms. 

A Striking New Library Entrance 

The Wigton Heritage Center links and encloses the historic University Tower facade with the highly trafficked third and fourth levels of Wittson Hall, with a further connection to the Chancellor's office on level five. Here, students and staff enjoy access to lounge areas, event space, a café, historical medical library display installations, and easy connection to other spaces on campus, including library spaces on the fourth, sixth, and seventh floors. 

Upon entering the McGoogan Health Sciences Library, study rooms of varying sizes, wellness spaces, virtual reality simulation labs, a maker space, and a recording studio unfold while walking through the space. Deeper into the library, a grand stair with illuminated glass handrails wrapped in a warm wood veneer motivates movement up to the seventh floor, where a downsized collection of books is organised around a central corridor connecting multiple quiet study spaces.

Interactive, Daylight-Filled Spaces

The interior design utilises neutral wood tones, subdued blue accent colours, and inviting furniture to create a focused yet dynamic space for learning, discovery, and collaboration accessible 24/7. As such, the library is equipped with advanced security software to ensure medical records and rare books are always protected. Both floors are enhanced with natural daylight by removing precast panels on the existing façade, allowing light to seep through the glass curtainwall into the library. 

After renovation, students and staff use the library more than ever, positioning UNMC to lead in forward-looking transformative education and research.

University of Nebraska Wittson Hall Library Table
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