Smart Buildings revolutionizing the built environment

Smart Buildings

Enhancing The Built Environment Through Technology

Developments in the digital world have revolutionised the built environment. We guide you in your smart building journey — defining, designing and delivering technologies (including IT/AV/Security/IoT/iBMS) that enhance the built environment and ensuring you are ready for the technological advancements of the future.

Technology has opened the door to many possibilities, with greater emphasis on opportunities for efficiency, sustainability and systems interoperability throughout a building’s lifecycle. A vast array of digital/IoT devices now allow large quantities of data to be collected from across traditionally siloed building and facilities management systems. Harnessing this data and unearthing its true value is key to manage and operate with greater efficiency and flexibility. The focus on building occupant wellbeing forms a key part of smart building strategy, maximising opportunities to enhance the built environment and improve the productivity and wellness of those who occupy it.

Smart building design ensures that as technology advances, you are ready to maximise the opportunities this brings. As digital culture increases, it is essential that our homes, workplaces, health and leisure facilities keep pace with advancing technologies. Correctly enabled devices and appliances with the correct endpoint arrays along with network topology will aid device self-learning and enable proactive maintenance. The next generation IoT & Analytic ecosystems are evolving and redefining the way smart buildings operate, so having interoperable, connected systems that are adaptable to future developments in technology are essential.

Our Smart Buildings Expertise

We deliver holistic smart buildings strategies through the design, delivery and integration of smart IT/AV/Security/IoT/iBMS technologies across all market sectors.

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Smart Building Services

We specialise in smart design and engineering including IT, audio visual, smart infrastructure, security and digital buildings. We work with you to develop a smart building strategy that enhances productivity and future proofs for the technological advancements of tomorrow.

Connectivity and Integration Solutions

We consider your Wi-Fi and 4G/5G digital antennas systems requirements as well as satellite IRS distribution, and recommend the best strategy to ensure robust connectivity between devices and systems both within your building and to the Internet of Things. This digitally enhances building connectivity and integrated resilient high availability networks that meet your needs both now and in the future.

Intelligent Building Management Systems

Our experience in designing iBMS that our tailored to our clients’ needs means we are well positioned to help you harness your building’s data and enhance efficiency through intelligently managed building operations and maintenance. From physical and cyber security considerations to scenario modelling using digital twin technology — we are vendor independent, meaning any technology solution we recommend is best suited to achieve your goals.

Electronic Security Systems

We guide you through electronic security considerations, such as internet protocol CCTV and door access biometric systems, aligned with the physical security requirements detailed by the physical security consultant.

We help you consider the risks your building face and help build risk management and mitigation strategies into your smart building plans.

Cyber Security

With digitisation increasing at an unprecedented rate globally, it is vital that IT systems including Smart building networks are made secure from cyber-attack. As well as the obvious external internet threat, even closed sites with no internet access can also be vulnerable to cyber breaches from within their own organisation.

Throughout the briefing, design and implementation stages, we carefully set out the requirements for dealing with cyber threats, referencing government and industry body standards and apply to your project. During the technical submission process through to  commissioning, penetration testing requirements are specified and overseen to ensure that cyber threat requirements are dealt with effectively.

Enhanced User Experience Technology Solutions

We appreciate the importance of audio visual, lighting and temperature in creating the desired ambiance tailored to the needs of your building’s occupants, as well as improving their experience through technology such as occupancy sensors, digital wayfinding and contactless interactions. Our work encompasses theatres and auditoriums, hotel guest room management systems, residential smart home automated systems, collaborative presentation meeting spaces to name just a few.

Integrated Communication Networks and MSI

A fundamental technology baseline for a smart building is the capability to utilise a shared Integrated Communications Network. An ICN is an IP Network that is resilient, secure and has the capacity to support and connect all building automation systems, thus providing a single network platform for multiple system interoperability, with the capability to grow & develop post occupation.

An ICN provides a professionally designed IP network backbone to support all of the different IoT, smart, technology services that may be required in a building. It can be built using a series of secure Virtual Local Area Network and an allocation of secure network data ports or in combination with a series of APIs on individual devices. Communication access to and from the network (via the internet) is managed with a secure firewall ensuring  cyber security threats can be mitigated.

Management of the deployment of an ICN is essential, we ensure that we define the requirements of a Master Systems Integrator to manage the process from start to completion. The role of an MSI is essential to a successful deployment.

Helping You Achieve Your Smart Building Goals

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Our smart design approach leverages the use of information and communication technologies to enhance usability, sustainability, efficiency and systems interoperability through a building’s lifecycle. Well planned, smart building design ensures that you are ahead of the curve as technology adapts and advances.

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