Recruitment Fraud Alert

We take recruitment fraud seriously.

We’d like to let you know how you can protect yourself from criminals who use trusted brands like ours to scam unwitting victims through recruitment fraud.

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated crime offering fictitious job opportunities. This type of fraud is normally committed through online services such as bogus websites, text messages, emails and online instant messaging interviews claiming to be from HDR. The messages victims receive request them to provide personal information and, ultimately, sensitive financial information.

If you are asked for personal financial or security information, this is likely a posting by scammers posing as HDR, Inc. to commit identity theft or other forms of fraud. If you receive this type of suspicious text, email or instant messaging activity, please alert the FBI's Internet Crimes Complaint Center:

We want to clarify the following:

  • All open positions available with HDR will be posted at The web address that you will see begins with ""
  • A job opening described in an email or website that does not also appear on, or ultimately direct back to, or our job board is not likely legitimate.
  • HDR does not recruit for open positions through instant messaging or texts.
  • HDR does not ask prospective job applicants for information relating to bank accounts, credit cards.  We do not ask for passwords to financial accounts. We do not ask applicants to purchase equipment or software.
  • If HDR needs additional information as part of the hiring process, applicants will be contacted directly by an HDR recruiter or the hiring manager.
  • We encourage anyone who is contacted by someone representing employment opportunities with HDR to verify the address, title and phone number of anyone representing themselves as an employee of HDR.
  • HDR does not make job offers to candidates without having an in-person interview.  Initial HDR interview contacts may include a phone conversation with a HDR recruiter or a video interview using our video interviewing tools. All official HDR email communications will include the recruiter's direct contact information.
  • Unusual or incorrect grammar is a warning sign. If you have been offered employment by someone who is not using proper grammar, please take caution and investigate the source of the communication.