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HDR’s 7 Megatrends That Will Define City-Shaping in 2023

HDR's projected architectural megatrends for 2023 have been featured in an Architecture and Design article titled "HDR's 7 megatrends that will define city-shaping in 2023." The article outlines seven key themes that will reconceive city-shaping and define HDR's architectural trajectory this year. 

With projects crossing sectors more than ever, 2023 will witness health, education, science and technology converge as trans-disciplinary innovation takes precedence and new typologies emerge. Designing infrastructure based on the principles of inclusion, diversity and equity will be top-of-mind; computational design tools will aid creativity and sustainability within the built environment; the drive to net zero will power regenerative design outcomes; health and wellness will continue to transform neighbourhoods; climate resiliency will be incorporated into projects; and the Designing with Country consultation process will inspire us to create sustainable, restorative and equitable projects underpinned by principles of reconciliation.