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Swansea Pioneers a Green Model

Overhead CGI of renewable energy transport hub in Swansea, UK.

A green energy, transport hub and port development project in Swansea, U.K., recently took a significant leap forward with the completion of land agreements. This initiative strives to revolutionise urban regeneration, embracing clean energy principles.

COP28 turned the spotlight on how we are translating the commitments of recent years into action. The Global Stocktake enables countries and other stakeholders to determine if collective action is being made to progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, identifying the gaps and collaborating on solutions to 2030 and beyond. 

The project in South Wales, where HDR is partnering with Swansea Council, DST Innovations, Batri and Enable, has renewable energy at its core. With a tidal lagoon, floating solar farm and ecohomes, this innovative scheme was featured in a Property Week article, with commentary from Richard Morgan, divisional director.

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Richard Morgan Photo
London, U.K.