Mike Garello

Mike Garello, P.E.

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Mike leads our ecohydraulics practice in our fisheries design centre. He provides planning, design and implementation of volitional and non-volitional fish passage systems and aquatic habitat restoration. On a typical day, Mike serves as a technical lead or manager on fish passage and habitat restoration projects; fish habitat development; fluvial geomorphology and river mechanics; channel/floodplain reconstruction; or bank stabilisation.

He is passionate about fish passage systems, as well as habitat development for various fish species within riverine environments throughout North America. While attending Humboldt State University, he performed fish passage studies for the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Mike is an active member of the American Fisheries Society’s Bioengineering Section Executive Committee, as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Environmental and Water Resources Institute joint committee.