Exposed Geomembrane Solar Landfill Cap

Exposed Geomembrane Solar Landfill Cap

Exposed Geomembrane Solar Landfill Cap

HDR was the consulting engineer performing a preliminary feasibility study and conceptual design for an exposed geomembrane solar cap for a number of landfill cells to be closed in the near future. The study included a review of the proposed area for suitability for solar energy generation incorporating the vicinity of the infrastructure, environmental considerations, engineering factors, conceptual design and construction cost estimates, solar energy generation estimates and a review of potential suppliers and project risks. The study examined the potential solar power produced from flexible laminate solar panels adhered to an exposed geomembrane cap.

The development of solar power generating arrays on closed landfill final covers is an emerging and promising technology. By generating renewable energy on closed sites, landfill owners are reclaiming land that would otherwise have limited post-closure use. Landfills with solar generating arrays can accomplish a number of goals including post-closure period cost savings, the sale of renewable energy, lowering or eliminated energy purchase requirements and addressing sustainable development. The design of solar power arrays requires coordination with the final cover system since there are a variety of considerations to take into account. These include differential settlement, durability, UV aging, resistance to externalities and geomembrane protection.

HDR was requested to perform this scope of work as a result of the successful delivery of an exposed geomembrane solar cap at Hickory Ridge Landfill in Georgia, USA as shown in the above photo.

The project is currently at the Pre-Feasibility Stage and awaiting further approvals.

Exposed Geomembrane Solar Landfill Cap

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