Hartford Hospital Bone & Joint Institute

Hartford Hospital Bone & Joint Institute

Hartford Hospital Bone & Joint Institute

Hyper-focus on Musculoskeletal Care Arrives in Connecticut

The new Bone and Joint Institute places Hartford Hospital within the ranks of an elite handful of hospitals across the U.S. that have created a separate musculoskeletal facility, fully staffed with the necessary sub-specialists to provide comprehensive care. The dynamic, sculptural expression of the design brings to life Hartford Hospital’s clinical vision of “life in motion.” Integrated technology options along with hospitality-inspired design touches and amenities coalesce to create an exceptional experience focused on the patient.

The Institute integrates all elements of orthopaedics and musculoskeletal treatment — specialty care, diagnostics, rehabilitation, rheumatology, neurology, neurosurgery and pain management — creating a seamless path for patients to access comprehensive care. Upon arrival, patients are greeted by a concierge and can expedite the admission process and learn more about their condition and treatment options using a variety of interactive media.

Design elements supporting an elevated patient experience include:

  • Curved white metal panels with ribbon windows wrap the exterior, defining a language of continuous, fluid ribbons that unify program elements, adjust for internal demands, site configuration and open to views of the southern park.
  • A pedestrian bridge to a future ambulatory care pavilion to the west shares the building’s curvilinear design language and creates a new gateway to the medical campus.
  • Inspired by hospitality design, warm cherry wood cladding and generous amenities — a cafe, private seating areas, access to outdoor seating and social gathering areas — create a welcoming first impression.
  • A sinuous balcony that evokes connective tissue links both sides of the building.
  • The interiors continue the fluid and sculptural design language with clean, modern materials while connecting to the Hartford brand with elegant touches such as terrazzo and dark wood. Bright accent colours and specialty wood ceilings highlight locations where caregiver interaction takes place.
  • All public spaces are placed along the building perimeter providing patients and their families with natural light and views to the outdoors — reinforcing an intuitive way finding approach.
  • A lush landscape extends the rehabilitation activities of the building to the exterior. A variety of tree species, berms and plantings create private space around the building, including both paved and grass-covered activity areas and a looped walking path encircling a rain garden that helps to manage storm water.

HDR collaborated with Perkins + Will on the design of the Bone and Joint Institute.

Hartford Hospital Bone & Joint Institute
Hartford Hospital

Hartford, CT
United States

150,000 sf (13,935 m²)


Philaments Award of Merit (2018)
Hartford Hospital Bone & Joint Institute
Illuminating Engineering Society