Holland Energy Park

Holland Energy Park

Holland Energy Park

The most powerful plant in the park.

Our engineers, economists and architects worked hand-in-hand with the Holland Board of Public Works and the community to reimagine a new 145/125-megawatt combined cycle natural gas plant. As the owner's engineer, we tapped a diverse range of experience from more than 70 of our teammates to help bring the project to life.

We listened closely to understand stakeholders' concerns and priorities by leading a Sustainable Return on Investment process — a first-of-its-kind for the power generation industry — in tandem with a traditional alternatives analysis. One option rose to the top: a 2-on-1 combined cycle plant. Our architects then worked with stakeholders to capture the essence of what the plant and site could become.

We took great care to create a progressive design in a natural, park-like setting complete with paths, a waterfall and extensive natural greenery and wildflowers. Always mindful of the plant's impact, we worked with HBPW to create the first Envision Platinum Verified power plant. As a nod to a community that's so invested, the design also includes a public gallery to see and learn about power generation. The plant will be an integral piece of the surrounding Macatawa Greenspace and an essential element of the Holland Community's Energy Plan, a 40-year plan to reduce the city's overall carbon footprint.

Holland Energy Park
Holland Board of Public Works

Holland, MI
United States


Environmental Excellence Award (2019)
Innovative Technology Category
National Association of Environmental Professionals
Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award (2019)
American Society of Civil Engineers