Road 13 Vineyards

Road 13 Vineyard

Road 13 Vineyards

A Strikingly-Designed Tasting Room to Showcase Wine, Views and Mass Timber

Located adjacent to Road 13 Vineyards’ existing wine facility, the new building offers expansive areas for events and public tastings along with much needed storage space for the winery.

The public side faces east, with a bank of expansive windows exposing the extraordinary beauty of the South Okanagan Valley along the entire wall. As patrons enter the building on the north, they are invited to walk along this glazed wall to the tasting area on the south side of the building. Below the main floor, a wine cave stores the winemaker’s wine library.

The building is constructed from precast concrete panels, providing a durable and robust finish. Insulation is sandwiched between the interior and exterior panels. The roof structure incorporates open web steel joists with SBS roofing.

The new building incorporates a sustainable strategy including an on-site stormwater retention and septic field, a ground source heat pump system for heating and cooling, low E2 glazing to minimise heat gain, low emitting materials, and maximum daylight for public spaces. A water-filled reservoir provides water for firefighting and is also used as a heat sink, linked to the ground source heat pump system.

Wood is used throughout the building to provide a warm and luxurious contrast to the concrete panels.

Glulam wood columns allow the curtain wall glazing to extend the full length of the east elevation. These columns support a ceiling structure of exposed glulam beams spanned by fir decking. The acoustic wood ceilings provide sound dampening and lend a beautiful finish that harmonises with the wood decking.

Road 13 Vineyard
Road 13 Winery

Oliver, BC

10,375 sf (965 m²)