SOPA Square

SOPA square residential development

SOPA Square

Townhouse Development Creates Neighbourhood-Feel in Downtown Kelowna

The SOPA Square Residential Development is a multi-storey residential project that has a total of 105 residential units, which includes 20 two-storey townhomes, 81 condo units and four social housing suites.

The development, located in the Pandosy neighbourhood in the south part of Kelowna, is an anchor for the neighbourhood. Since the early 1990s, this area has grown substantially, with high-density residential projects and new commercial venues. The new SOPA project places 105 families in the area, supporting local businesses and services including the hospital, schools and college, and generating substantial taxes for the municipality.

The new SOPA tower and townhome development is designed to embrace the opportunities of the Okanagan. Large deck and outdoor space enhances the residential unit and reinforces the inside/outside lifestyle that is typical to the Okanagan. It is organised around an internal courtyard, a beautiful, green space intended for enjoyment by the inhabitants. Children can play safely or adults can get away and enjoy the privacy. The green courtyard space acts as a transition to the townhomes from the parking level. It provides an amenity and has great appeal.

The townhomes are constructed with wood framing. Living space is located on the lower levels with access to exterior amenity space. Bedrooms and private spaces are located on the second floor. As a major amenity feature, the Aquilini Investment Group is proposing access to a roof top patio. This space is structurally designed to accommodate a hot tub. The exterior finish materials include metal panels, exposed and painted concrete, cedar for siding and soffit, and coloured aluminium windows.

Cast concrete is used as the primary construction material for the tower. It is deemed to be of non-combustible materials. The exterior finish materials include metal panels, exposed and painted concrete, cedar siding, and coloured aluminium windows. Amenity space is located on the roof of the podium on the third level.

The residential tower is 14 storeys in height. The building height was proposed to be taller than the original application. We proposed to shift density to the tower from the townhomes, lowering the impact of the high townhome development on the neighbourhood. The original scheme proposed five storeys of townhomes above the two-storey podium and would have cast larger shadows over a greater area.

SOPA square residential development
Aquilini Investment Group

Kelowna, BC

210,000 sf (14,864 m²)