Two Employees Whiteboarding

Life at HDR

We want to build a better future, so we bring our talents together to add value, promote growth and inspire positive change.

HDR is a place where you can accomplish as much as you’re willing to, in your work and in your career. We rally behind a good idea — and each other. Led by the strength of our values and a culture shaped by collaboration, we network with each other, build on each other’s contributions and collaborate to make great things possible.

HDR Australia Office
Alex Wessling Director Sydney

Why work here?

Working here offers the opportunity to exchange design ideas, trends and technical expertise within an extended global team. I love working on local design solutions within a global context and pushing our own boundaries to create projects that are not only well-considered in the Australian market but that are recognised internationally. I also benefit from knowledge transfer from our work across a broad spectrum of sectors that flow into each other and mesh into incredible outcomes.”
— Alex Wessling, Director, Sydney

Meaningful Moments