In The Media

Working Inside The Cloud With HDR

A feature on the HDR-designed NEXTDC M2 workplace has been published in InDesignLive. In the article, Project Leader Samuel Faigen shares his perspectives on designing for data and delivering high-performance, resilient data centre infrastructure for cloud providers, enterprise and government in a climate of unprecedented digital innovation. 

Samuel goes on to reveal that the industry is seeing increased confidence in demand for IT capacity, which is reflected in the scale of architectural planning being undertaken at HDR and an increased focus on the site master planning phase to maximise site yield and flexibility. He also notes that greater consideration is being given to how data centres knit into and engage with the surrounding community and built and natural environment. 

Senior Interior Design Max Navius provides further insight into the high-grade contemporary workplace that is bringing collaboration and flexibility to the forefront of workplace design. The wellness-driven amenity with a well-defined heart is empowering NEXTDC’s high-performing teams and fostering a culture of innovation. 

Max also outlines the set of interior design principles that have informed the workplace design. The recurring symbol of the cloud evokes continuous, organic moment, while the guiding cable motif is a subtle technological nod and the juxtaposition between the red hues and timber carve out a distinct identity for the space that is evocative of the NEXTDC brand