Brisbane CBD to Wynnum/Manly Commuter Cycleway

Brisbane CBD to Wynnum/Manly Commuter Cycleway

Brisbane CBD to Wynnum/Manly Commuter Cycleway

Brisbane City Council proposes to establish a commuter bikeway that connects the Brisbane CBD to Wynnum/ Manly. Phase 1 of this proposed bikeway corridor extends from Mowbray Park, East Brisbane to Agnew Street, Norman Park, and is made up of the following sections:

  • Mowbray Park Shared and Separated Paths and rationalisation of the existing path network
  • Heath Street / Heidelberg Street / Lytton Road Intersection - intersection upgrade for cyclist movements from Lytton Road to Heath Street
  • Heath Street / Hilton Street Bicycle Awareness Zone, providing connectivity between Heath Street and Hilton Street / Heath Park
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge over Norman Creek, providing a connection between Hilton Street and Norman Avenue
  • Norman Avenue Shared Path and Railway Parade Bicycle Awareness Zone, providing connectivity along Norman Avenue to Agnew Street

HDR was awarded the concept through to detailed design of this project and commenced work in late January 2014. The initial phase involved the collection of background data including survey, aerial imagery, services data, geotechnical data and field site visits to photograph and catalogue the existing signage throughout the route. During the review of the concept design a multi-criteria assessment for the location of the pedestrian and cycling bridge crossing across Norman Creek was undertaken. Once the alignment was locked in internal Brisbane City Council (BCC) stakeholders were consulted with a determination of cost estimates and total outturn costs for the project.

The project has then proceeded through to detailed design on the basis of this early rigorous concept design work. The completed detailed design included on and off road cycleway; the Norman Creek five span bridge incorporating super-t girders, deck units and landings; geotechnical design of surcharge and CFA embankments; flood modelling and mitigation of the ramped embankment impact on Norman Creek during significant flood events; urban design for the bridge balustrade; and lighting design including LED lighting on the bridge.

HDR also assisted BCC with design and engineering support throughout the construction phase of the project.

Brisbane CBD to Wynnum/Manly Commuter Cycleway
Brisbane City Council

Brisbane, QLD