North Brisbane Cycleway (Stages 1A and 1B)

North Brisbane Cycleway

North Brisbane Cycleway (Stages 1A and 1B)

Completed in 2016 this cycleway forms part of the ultimate cycle link from the City to Kedron Brook and Chermside, and is critical to the provision of a safe, high capacity active transport corridor north of the city. This project incorporates the section between Gilchrist Avenue, Herston to the south through to Somerset Street, Windsor in the north including the culturally sensitive Bowen Park opposite the Royal Brisbane Hospital. 

HDR was engaged by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to prepare the concept through to detailed design including the business case study for Stages 1A and 1B of the North Brisbane Cycleway, including  a review of the earlier planning plus options analysis on the concept work undertaken. This earlier work led to the design development of alignment options and infrastructure to comply with TMR standards, hydraulic analysis, management of environmental impacts, and signage and pavement design. HDR also provided design and engineering support to TMR during the construction of the project.

Key challenges on the project included:

  • Intersection with the RNA Showground including Bowen Bridge Road gate entrance
  • Environmentally sensitive Bowen Park requiring nil impact on the heritage listed trees
  • Rail underpass on the Ferny Grove – Beenleigh Rail Line which was subject to inundation by the adjacent Breakfast Creek
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and safety review of the design drawings to identify real and perceived safety issues that could deter or threaten users. A number of safety mitigation measures were included in the final design
North Brisbane Cycleway
Department of Transport and Main Roads

Brisbane, QLD