NEORSD Automation Program Management

NEORSD Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant | Support Services for Automation

NEORSD Automation Program Management

Cost-Effective Solutions to Enhance Overall Control System Functionality and Reliability

This $20 million automation program management contract, consisting of 12 program elements and 38 projects, is intended to upgrade existing equipment and replace or upgrade soon-to-be-obsolete equipment; improve Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District networks, which are the backbone of the system; improve the reliability of the existing human-machine interface system; minimise the nuisance alarms in the project controls; update District standards; replace the existing data management system; replace and re-program the existing outdated programmable logic controllers; and enhance overall system functionality and reliability.

We have collaborated with District staff in meaningful workshops, structured to carefully consider and address operations, maintenance, engineering and construction requirements to keep facilities operating reliably as these improvements are being implemented. Throughout the project, we have, in conjunction with the District, identified and developed cost-effective solutions for incorporation into a life cycle approach without compromising reliability or functionality. 

With capital budget control and cash flow management being extremely important to the District, we identified and managed construction and commissioning issues and planned for training before implementing changes to the system. 

Projects and improvements within the APM contract include: 

  • Wonderware human-machine interface stability improvements 
  • Network architecture improvements and HMI remote access 
  • Nuisance alarm mitigation/reduction 
  • Programmable logic controller and HMI development standards 
  • Process data management system
  • Networking hardware improvements 
  • Revised and implemented control 
  • HMI validation 
  • HMI database descriptions 
  • PLC, operator interface terminal and HMI programming
  • Captial improvement project commissioning coordination for non-APM-related projects 
  • Disaster recovery planning 
  • Designed a new fiber-optic cable at Westerly Wastewater Treatment Center
  • Holistic training approach and development

This approach will allow the District to continue to operate its wastewater collection and treatment systems efficiently and effectively well into the future, as well as collect and manage the data needed to properly sustain its operations and maintain regulatory compliance. The District has been utilising and improving its PLC-based process monitoring, control and automation over the past several decades. 

NEORSD Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant | Support Services for Automation
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