Tactical Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Framework

Tactical Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Framework

Tactical Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Framework

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) selected HDR to develop a statewide Tactical Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Framework to provide:

  • A robust asset management planning rationale and approach
  • Development of processes, templates, guidelines and tools
  • Development of governance and reporting measures
  • Development of training and consultation material
  • Implementation of the framework including training and support to the districts

HDR was responsible for developing the strategy for TMR to implement tactical asset management planning across all 12 TMR districts. This has provided a transparent and documented process to detail how each district manages their assets and programs the maintenance, preservation and operational requirements. 

The scope of the HDR services included:

  • Project management plan outlining the approach to development of key deliverables
  • Development, research and consultation both with key TMR and external stakeholders
  • Provision of industry expert advice on proven frameworks worldwide
  • Development of the Framework and supporting templates

The project was successfully delivered through three stages – Planning, Development and Delivery.

Planning Stage:

Consultation was the key task in the Planning Stage.  The Framework would be implemented state wide and therefore needed to address state wide audit requirements but also retain the flexibility for each district in the way they manage their asset portfolio.  An essential component of this was also industry expert analysis of the frameworks that have been successfully implemented worldwide.

Development Stage:

Through the Development Stage a gap analysis of available and required data was carried out to assist in the development of the process and associated templates and tools. The framework, template and training material were also produced and the implementation program then developed to carry out training across all 12 districts.

Delivery Stage:

The implementation program identified a staged training approach across all districts to detail the framework itself and the requirements of the district teams in detailing their current processes.  This stage also included district support in the development of their individual TAMP’s to meet the required deadlines.

Tactical Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Framework
Department of Transport and Main Roads

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