Wyoming State Capitol & Herschler State Office Building

Capitol Square Aerial View

Wyoming State Capitol & Herschler State Office Building

Preserving History with a Clear View to the Future 

HDR, with CSHQA (Boise, Idaho), was selected as the design and preservation team for the historic Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne. The project encompasses a comprehensive restoration of the exterior stone, windows, metal entablature and dome of the 130-year-old statehouse, as well as extensive renovations to the interior. The project expanded to include major design upgrades to the adjacent Herschler State Office Building.

The Wyoming State Capitol is a National Historic Landmark located in the heart of Cheyenne's historic core. Originally occupied in 1888, the building has experienced the type of deterioration commonly plaguing aged masonry buildings; specifically structural, safety and building system deficiencies. Although a number of renovations have been undertaken in the past, the State Capitol building has never undergone a comprehensive renovation and rehabilitation of the entire building until now.

Key components of the renovation and restoration project include:

  • Repairing damage to improve functions, and bringing the building into compliance with current state and federal codes.
  • Restoring the building's historical qualities to their original grandeur, giving new life to intricate craftsmanship covered up and painted over during previous renovations.
  • Functional renovations to the adjacent Herschler State Office Building, (built in 1981 in a modernist style). The building will receive a fully-replaced cladding system with materiality more sensitive to the historic character of the State Capitol Building, and be expanded to accommodate the increased space needs of Wyoming’s state government.
  • Expanding and enhancing The Connector, the below-grade common space joining the two buildings, with revitalised public meeting and hospitality functions to support both buildings.
Capitol Square Aerial View
State of Wyoming

Cheyenne, WY
United States

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