Right of Way-Roadway

Real Estate

Real estate is fundamental to infrastructure development. We help our clients create value while providing real estate, right of way and land rights services.

Custom Real Estate Management Solutions

Understanding and obtaining property rights are crucial components of any infrastructure project. That is why we have more than 200 real estate, right of way and land rights professionals throughout North America. We acquire, manage and transfer the land rights needed for building and maintaining infrastructure to assist clients from preliminary design through clearing of the right of way for construction and in providing turnkey solutions.

Access Land Data Quickly Using eREMS

Our electronic Real Estate Management System (eREMS), based on PAECEtrak, is a web-based, GIS integrated application developed to automate the complicated process of acquiring and managing properties for infrastructure projects. eREMS allows us to regulate, track and document the entire acquisition process — from property identification to completion — including excess property disposition. Using a smart tool to efficiently manage the overall process helps meet compliance with federal requirements, fulfilling agency oversight and audit conditions. Accessible to project owners and stakeholders, eREMS enhances communication and collaboration throughout the acquisition process.

Real Estate Services

Acquisition and Relocation

Our professionals provide acquisition, residential and business relocation services as required by the U.S. Uniform Act of 1970 and the Uniform Relocation Act Amendments of 1987. We obtain Rights of Entry for reasonable access to property for the purposes of accessing, testing and surveying, on, across, under and through areas of proposed right of way.

Appraisal and Review

Our independent, impartial appraisals include a written statement of opinion that defines the described property’s value as of a specific date. Our relevant market data supports the value in accordance with the Uniform Act of 1970 and the Uniform Relocation Act Amendments of 1987 (URA). Our appraisal review ensures adequate documentation and recommends valid compensation. 

Project Management

We plan and manage services for various aspects of a project to achieve successful project delivery. These services streamline program delivery from start to finish, verifying that the project complies with state and federal laws and regulations.

Property Management

We manage real property prior to and during construction by providing maintenance, protection, and the clearance and disposal of improvements until final project acceptance. Property management records include inventories of real property considered excessive to project needs, leases or agreements, and uses of airspace.

Site and Alignment Analysis

We inspect parcels from the existing right of way and prepare preliminary cost estimates for comparing multiple corridor alignments and site alternatives. We use county GIS maps and Google Earth to identify additional improvements and/or impacts within the proposed right of way. We identify potential encroachment conflicts from aerial maps, confirm them through field observation and photographs, and catalog the information for clients.

Title Evaluation and Lien Curative

We review title reports to determine current ownerships and encumbrances, and to aid in the preparation of legal descriptions, parcel sketches and ROW maps. Our title experts identify existing conditions relevant to property acquisition that may impact cost, schedule, acquisition, and relocation logistics. These experts also work to resolve title issues and clear titles for closings.

Utility Coordination and Relocation

We identify utilities that may conflict with construction of a project and develop a relocation plan. We consult various standards, including AREMA, to determine conflicts, and we review agreements to determine financial responsibility for relocating utilities.