Delta: Volume 1

Thriving Amid Change in Healthcare

Our premiere edition of Delta is the first of a series of ongoing publications aimed at helping organizations not only embrace the rapid change that surrounds them, but thrive in it. This first 80-page volume explores one of the biggest challenges facing our healthcare clients today: how to respond to increasing unknowns in the industry while encouraging future-focused innovation.

To answer this question, Delta’s authors — our healthcare strategists, retail strategists, lean operation experts, architects, designers, data analysts and engineers — examine four different opportunities that emerge from embracing change:

  • Changing Perspectives: Creating a foundation of innovation within healthcare organizations that helps orient problems in an approachable way.
  • Changing Behaviors: Pushing beyond retail health towards retail thinking to support better care delivery.
  • Changing Experiences: Challenging the common assumptions made about what the patient experience is and how healthcare organizations should be thinking about it.
  • Changing Paradigms: Imagining a new, more central role for nature in chronic disease management.

“Doing something as bold as reinventing how patient care is delivered doesn’t happen by chance. It results from activities and behaviors designed to help individuals and groups discover concepts at the fringes of today’s practice. That’s what this first edition of Delta is all about.”

Hank Adams, Global Director, Health

For a print copy or more information, please email: delta [at] (delta[at]hdrinc[dot]com)