Delta: Volume 1

Thriving Amid Change in Healthcare

Our premiere edition of Delta is the first of a series of ongoing publications aimed at helping organizations not only embrace the rapid change that surrounds them, but thrive in it. This first 80-page volume explores one of the biggest challenges facing our healthcare clients today: how to respond to increasing unknowns in the industry while encouraging future-focused innovation.

To answer this question, Delta’s authors — our healthcare strategists, retail strategists, lean operation experts, architects, designers, data analysts and engineers — examine four different opportunities that emerge from embracing change:

  • Changing Perspectives: Creating a foundation of innovation within healthcare organizations that helps orient problems in an approachable way.
  • Changing Behaviors: Pushing beyond retail health towards retail thinking to support better care delivery.
  • Changing Experiences: Challenging the common assumptions made about what the patient experience is and how healthcare organizations should be thinking about it.
  • Changing Paradigms: Imagining a new, more central role for nature in chronic disease management.

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