Delta: Volume 2

Perspectives on the Future of Health

Change is the new normal and competition in the healthcare industry is coming from all directions. As design strategists and practitioners, we’re in the business of manifesting transformative ideas — these kinds of ideas hold tremendous power and we’ve generated a rigorous approach to help develop and execute them.

Delta Volume 2 builds on the premises put forward in the inaugural publication in this series — Delta Volume 1 — about how to respond to increasing unknowns in the industry while encouraging future-focused innovation. This second edition focuses on ideas that hold great potential for transforming healthcare delivery.

While the seeds of our knowledge were sown in architecture, our roots have spread through many experiences and diverse backgrounds; and we have acquired a broad spectrum of skill and understanding with regards to healthcare delivery. Healthcare design isn’t just about creating a beautiful building; it’s about beautifully designing a strategy, a process, a technology or an experience that transforms healthcare delivery in big ways and small.

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