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Lighting Design

Light Brings Architecture to Life

Our lighting studios team is composed of design professionals who are educated in and dedicated to the field of lighting. Our studio has over 100 years of experience, with more than 100,000,000 square feet of designed space. Our unique blend of creativity and technical expertise have resulted in numerous prestigious awards, speaking engagements and publications.

Light is the lens through which our environment is experienced. Light brings architecture to life, evoking both emotional and physical responses. We work with project teams to create designs that augment visual performance, support physiological health, and improve visual comfort by creating dynamic and engaging surroundings.

The team has a breadth and depth of project experience that is unrivalled. Markets served include: healthcare, science & technology, corporate commercial, government, academic, hospitality and entertainment, transportation and bridges, and clean rooms and data centres.

Our Services

  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Design and Documentation
  • Façade and Bridge Lighting Design and Documentation
  • Lighting Control Design and Documentation
  • Energy Compliance Calculations
  • Egress and Emergency Illumination Design
  • Construction Administration Support
  • Field Aiming
  • Sustainability and Healthy Buildings 
  • Lighting Commissioning Support
  • Daylight Analysis
  • Design Rendering
  • Custom Luminaire Design
  • Lighting Guidelines and Standards
  • O&M Training for Lighting Systems
  • Research Support

Our Design Philosophy

Creativity and innovation require clarity of thought to make the complex appear simple and the simple ignite curiosity, connecting people to their environment.


Restate and reinforce the client’s goals through lighting design solutions.


Dark is as important as light. Understand and reinforce what really matters.


Use our expertise and experience not to replicate the past, but to improve the future.


The spaces we create should be welcoming and functional for everyone.


Everyone doesn’t need to know how it works, it just needs to work.


Meet Our Team

Karen Murphy
Lighting Director
Tom Lyman Photo
Lighting Design Section Manager
Paul Daniel
Senior Lighting Designer

Our Awards

Illumination Award of Merit (2019)
Illuminating Engineering Society
Control Innovation Award of Merit (2019)
Illuminating Engineering Society
Illumination Award of Merit (2019)
Illuminating Engineering Society
Illumination Award of Merit (2018)
Illuminating Engineering Society
Illumination Award of Merit (2018)
Illuminating Engineering Society
Philaments Award of Excellence (2018)
Illuminating Engineering Society