Paul Scriven

Paul Scriven, BEng, OCDEA, LCEA

Energy and Sustainability Director
London, U.K.

With three decades of experience in the engineering sector and over 20 years as a sustainability consultant designing the built environment, Paul is well placed as our energy and sustainability director for our engineering service. He is responsible for the continued drive to delivering zero carbon and holistic sustainable solutions, accounting for the triple-bottom environment, social and economic impacts. Paul strives to achieve planning policy in an effective manner whilst delivering a sustainable solution fit for client's needs and the project.

Paul is proud to lead his team, who provide sustainability leadership and excellence across all sectors of industry, partnering with clients to transition business and operations to respond to the challenge of our climate emergency and the wider sustainability agenda. He ensures that our sustainability and resiliency team continue to push boundaries by reducing our impacts, acting as change agents and providing value to our clients through sustainable solutions.

Paul plays an active role in future proofing projects, whilst maintaining a strong technical bias and hands-on leadership approach with key clients. Delivering high levels of client care and technical excellence he has successfully engaged on complex and iconic projects in the U.K. and overseas. He is actively working on major projects with industry leading architects and design teams to deliver robust sustainability and resiliency solutions across multiple sectors and for various project values, ranging from $1 million up to hundreds of millions.

Paul enjoys challenging projects and using his depth of knowledge and experience of the built environment to create design solutions fit his clients, owners and end users. His interest developed in petrochemicals and pharma where he covered process architecture and multidiscipline engineering before specialising in building services. Paul actively uses advanced building physics, computational fluid dynamics and 3D HVAC to optimise performance.

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