Exploring Hotel Industry Trends in 2023 With Matthew Voaden

A fascinating conversation with our Matthew Voaden and Farrah Hassan-Hardwick, exploring and understanding hotel industry trends in 2023. As always, technology plays an essential role to how this industry is adapting and responding to the expectations of the increasingly conscientious traveller; especially when considering environmental impacts of hotels.

Allied to this is the focus on the socio-economic benefits which hotels typically bring and how this industry can be a force for change, with respect to meeting the environmental, social and governance agenda.

Perhaps the most poetic part of the conversation with Matthew and Farrah is the relevance of how hotels stitch into their local context; considering culture, heritage and geographic location; ranging from vibrant high-energy urban settings to sun-kissed resorts and medieval towns and cities for the curious traveller.

Matthew Voaden
Hotel, Leisure & Entertainment Director