HDR Foundation grant to NorthStar in Omaha

HDR Foundation

We believe giving back is not only a civic duty, but a privilege.

As the company founder, H.H. Henningson noted nearly a century ago:  “There is always time enough for kindness.”  To carry out that legacy, the HDR Foundation strives to impact the world in positive ways. Through partnerships aligned with HDR’s values and areas of expertise, we encourage our employees to be engaged in their local communities and leave their mark on the future. 

Founded on July 12, 2012, and fueled primarily by donations from our employees, the HDR Foundation has provided more than $1 million in grant funding to deserving nonprofit organizations from all across the United States. 



The HDR Foundation is a separate legal entity from the corporation HDR, Inc. The HDR Foundation (EIN 46-0961680) is an IRS-designated 501 (c) (3) Exempt Private Foundation which carries out a charitable mission in accordance with all IRS guidelines governing such entities. Monies donated to the HDR Foundation are used to make charitable grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations and are not for the benefit of HDR, Inc.

2019 Grant Application Schedule

  • 1st Small Grant Cycle
    Applications accepted Jan. 23 - Feb. 13, final funding decisions in April 2019
  • 2nd Small Grant Cycle
    Applications accepted April 24 - May 15, final funding decisions in June 2019
  • Annual Large Grant Cycle
    Letters of Intent accepted July 29 - Aug. 23, final funding decisions in November 2019
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What We Support

Our work at HDR makes a difference in people’s lives. Through our Foundation, we seek to fund organizations located in the communities in which our employees live and work. Eligible applicants include U.S.-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, federally recognized tribal governments, and political subdivisions such as school districts, instrumentalities or libraries. 

We provide funding for discrete projects that show promise for lasting impact. Preference is given to fund nonprofits where HDR employees are highly engaged. For more information or to explore the volunteer opportunities with your organization, please contact us at HDRFoundation [at] hdrinc.com.

Our Areas of Focus

The foundation's areas of focus mirror HDR's breadth of knowledge and expertise. We provide grants for projects that demonstrate direct impact as well as projects that can be replicated or scaled. Our areas of focus included:


Our company, clients and communities benefit from a well-educated, skilled and informed population. Examples of projects we may fund include education projects that support:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Environmental science
  • Consulting and planning

    Healthy Communities

    With a healthcare design practice that is consistently ranked No. 1, we value the importance of healthcare and healthy communities. Examples of types of healthcare and healthy community projects we may fund include:

    • Active lifestyles
    • Wellness education
    • Preventative healthcare
    • Alternative healthcare delivery methods


    We promote the value of environmentally responsible practices to our clients, employee-owners and communities. Examples of projects we may fund include:

    • Active transportation modes, such as walking or biking
    • Water, energy and waste reduction projects
    • Innovative, small-scale renewable energy and water reuse
    • Community-led environmental restoration efforts

    Other, Employee Directed

    On occasion, the foundation may provide grants in other areas based on HDR's areas of expertise. These may take the form of annual employee-supported campaigns that target preselected, strategic initiatives.

    We fund discrete projects with:

    • HDR employee engagement
    • Quantifiable outcomes
    • Measurable impacts
    • Clear scopes of work
    • Detailed budget information
    • Activities that are sustainable beyond the grant term

    We don't fund:

    • Individuals, other than approved employee assistance programs
    • Religious institutions
    • Nontribal government agencies
    • Operating support
    • Outside endowments
    • Advocacy
    • Travel support
    • Pass-through funding
    • Direct compensation
    • Pass-through organizations (e.g., community foundations)
    • Prizes
    • Conferences
    • Sponsorships
    • Scholarships