World Water Day 2018

World Water Day 2018

Our offices around the world are showing support for the United Nations' World Water Day 2018.

Held every March 22 since 1993, World Water Day provides an opportunity to learn about water-related issues and inspire change. "We must do our part in advancing this conversation," said Dave LeCureux, HDR's operating president, water. "This is a great opportunity to help elevate the importance of water, sanitation and sustainability, and take action to make a difference in our communities."

This year's WWD theme is "Nature for Water" which focuses attention on nature-based solutions to help solve water challenges such as flooding, drought and pollution. The power of nature can be found in the sun, wind, waves and bacteria. Our staff love working on projects that find a way to use these simple yet elegant forces to solve water problems. 

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Be a guest speaker in local classrooms to teach future generations about water. 

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