Bill Barnhart | Power Director

Bill Barnhart

Power Director

Bill develops and executes our strategic vision for the power sector. He’s responsible for ensuring we’re at the top of our game in all aspects of power from technical expertise to client relationships to production methods and standards. 

He's a second generation power leader who grew up appreciating the critical need our power supply serves within the community. He firmly believes the work we do is important, and is passionate about providing top-notch service and unmatched expertise to each and every client. 

A transmission and distribution engineer by trade, Bill values the role each power source plays in providing the most reliable grid possible. He’s worked with utilities across the U.S. to serve today’s dynamic customer needs interconnecting new renewable and gas generation resources. 

Bill has served on multiple committees for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Edison Electric Institute, with a focus on new technologies to link technology manufacturers to electric utilities.