Eric Keen | Board of Directors

Eric L. Keen, P.E.


As chairman of the HDR Board of Directors, Eric helps ensure effective board governance and provides guidance for decisions that align with our company’s purpose. 

Eric became CEO in 2017 after previously serving as president and chief operating officer and engineering company president. As CEO, he led the company through eight acquisitions and oversaw continuous revenue growth and the addition of more than 2,600 employees. 

A civil engineer by training, Eric has spent his 36-year career helping to develop and deliver some of the United States’ most notable transportation infrastructure projects, including the Whittier Access project in Prince William Sound, Alaska; the Legacy Parkway project in Salt Lake City, Utah; the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina; and the world-renowned Hoover Dam Bypass. 

Eric joined us in 1993 in our Alaska office, where he became involved with major public-private and design-build projects and developed a passion for the use of alternative contracting methods. He was instrumental in establishing the firm’s transportation alternative delivery practice, which has since been involved in many high-profile projects such as the Oregon Bridge Delivery Program and the I-69 P3 Project in Indiana. 

In 2004, Eric was named the transportation business group director. Under his leadership, the transportation practice grew its planning, program management, design-build and management consulting services to complement an already strong design practice.  

A graduate of the University of Iowa, Eric is active in many professional and civic groups. In 2012, he led the creation of the HDR Foundation, an employee-funded and administered charitable giving organization that benefits the communities where the firm’s employees live and work by supporting activities that align with the company’s values and areas of expertise.