Hank Adams, HDR

Hank Adams, AIA, ACHA, EDAC

Global Director, Health

"We seek to help our clients successfully navigate through the rapid evolution of modern medicine, economic shifts, and health policy changes toward a sustainable healthcare delivery system that meets the needs of both current and future generations. We’re curious, energized, and prepared to meet this challenge."

Hank guides the firm’s skilled and imaginative thought leaders who work with healthcare clients to successfully solve the universal challenges of health and wellness. He leads our planners, strategists, clinical specialists, economic analysts, designers and architects in seven countries as they implement evidence-based design and best practices to foster our ultimate goal: improving patient outcomes.

Hank has a passion for healthcare and a unique insight into the entire continuum of care. He has 30 years of experience as a healthcare principal, project manager, healthcare planner, and business developer. He is a frequent speaker, columnist, and advocate for healthcare design and its impact on healthcare delivery and outcomes. He is Board Certified by the American College of Healthcare Architects in the specialty of healthcare design and is EDAC accredited in the application of evidence-based research in the design of physical environments.