Jeri Brittin professional portrait

Jeri Brittin, Ph.D.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Director

“All problems — even the most technical ones—have a people side. I am passionate about bringing focus and intention to the human outcomes we aim to achieve through HDR’s broad range of work."

Jeri leads a transdisciplinary team of social, behavioural and health scientists whose work informs optimal strategies, planning, organizational and design decision-making.

With her background in design, doctoral training in social and behavioural health along with experience leading multidisciplinary teams, Jeri is passionate about developing equitable systems and environments. Her work focuses on wellness and behavioural outcomes related to environmental and social determinants in buildings and campuses, as well as in neighbourhoods, cities and organizations.

Jeri maintains an active national and international research collaboration network — she is a frequent speaker within the industry, has published numerous refereed articles and serves on several national committees focused on design and health.